I walked off the plane at 920am today and just about drown in the cloud of humidity that immediately set upon me in what can only be described as an attempt on my life. I must like podcasting a lot — I must like podcasters a lot — to leave the desert for this.

Roman Prokopchuk, Pedro Maciel, and myself are staying off-site at an AirBNB just across the Cumberland River from Opryland Convention Center, in East Nashville. …

👋 You may or may not know that I started a premium podcast about 10-days ago — and if you didn’t, now you do.

I’m offering a 1-year subscription for 50% off from now until Monday @ midnight.

The Podcast Morning Cast is ordinarily $3.99/mo or $39.99/yr. For the next 48-ish hours, if you use the link below, you can subscribe to a full year of access for just $20. And that applies not just for the first year, but for all the years you maintain your subscription.

If you’d like to take advantage of this deal, you can do so by clicking here and subscribing. …

Mere moments ago Descript announced their “Studio Sound” feature and I got excited because I thought it would be a Squadcast-esque tool (you know, for double-ender recordings) but instead what I found was a tool much more like Nvidia’s RTX Voice noise removing software.

It has it’s place, and plenty of podcasters will be happy it exists, but Descript is equivocating what it is doing with what real engineering tools like iZotope, Inc.’s RX8 does — and there ain’t no heckin’ way I’m gonna let that slide in my littler corner of the internet.

Photo by Daniel Herron on Unsplash

This is just heavy-handed de-noising.

Descript is using algorithmically-driven software de-noising…

Photo by Xavi Cabrera on Unsplash

Okay, I admit it, that was partially a clickbait-y title — but not entirely.

If I’m Spotify, I’m seeing a really big ad-serve:revenue problem.

You can’t serve ads to paying subscribers, I mean, unless you’re Hulu 🤬

You also can’t overstuff your media with ads because users will get so frustrated that they’ll choose to abandon the platform over converting. Surely some will convert to paid, but, for the most part, people don’t like to feel bullied into “going premium.”

But if Spotify is planning to shore up the podcasting market and overtake Apple as the #1 platform for listening to podcasts (or the #1 platform for listening to music…

I think it’s cool, and I think it’s encouraging a listener-behavior that podcasters need on their side.

Photo by Raimond Klavins on Unsplash

Spotify has lagged a bit on podcast-specific features, and I don’t necessarily hold that against them — when you’re a leviathan-sized company, you don’t do things fast, you do things slow and after six dozen meetings — but they have lagged.

Recently they purchase PODZ (Doug Imbruce) and this signals, more than any other things they’ve done to date (and I mean that), that they’re serious about podcasts and that they understand the only way they’ll win the long-game is to provide a…

Extremely happy to announce that the first of two virgin productions by The Guthtaigh Studio, Retold with Whisky, has an official launch date: August 16th, 2021.

This is a podcast, first and foremost, for mythology and folklore lovers, but secondly for lovers of a good dram whom would like very much to expand their palates and have an easier time making a decisions at the bar or liquor store (and it never hurts to really sound like you know what you’re talking about!).

Each episode will feature an original rewrite of a myth or folktale — ones you’re very unlikely…

I have a daily podcast, Monday through Friday. To learn more, visit TannerHelps.com/podcast.

In April 2020 I wrote an article entitled “Accountability As A Service (AAAS): The Only Future For Freelance Podcast Editors.” The core of this opinion piece was as follows:

With tools like Descript, and technology like Auphonic or ReMaster Media, the value proposition that Podcast Editors/Engineers can offer was/is waning.

$100-$200 per episode for editing and engineering is a good price, and easily commanded by those who know what they’re doing — or so it used to be. …

This is a giant departure from my regular content, but I feel as though many people need to read this and, if they read it here, I’ll feel I’ve helped the world somehow.

Photo by Ilya Plakhuta on Unsplash

You know it as Occam’s Razor, you also probably know it wrong.

“The simplest explanation tends to be the correct one.”

That’s not what Occam’s Razor states (aka, The Law of Parsimony).

The Law of Parsimony is a principle of logical problem solving that states something like:

“the more assumptions which you need to prove in order for your theory to be true, the less likely it is that your theory is true — and the less likely it…

The long and short of it — or TL;DR

  1. You’re going to spend $10K
  2. You’re going to wait 1–3 months
  3. You’re going to need help putting it together
  4. You’re going to be extremely happy with the end result

You should be patient and purchase a Studiobricks booth over a WhisperRoom booth.

WhisperRoom booths ship from the US and so will be delivered more quickly while Studiobricks are shipped from Spain and will take quite a while to arrive. Howevever, the standard model Studiobricks is double-walled while the standard model of WhisperRooms is single walled.

The prices end up being very similar because of the price, but the Studiobricks booth is actually more affordable. My double-walled 3.5' x 5.5' x 7' One…

You’re creating a podcast for one of two reasons: either you’re using it as content marketing (you’ve got a product or service you’re hoping to funnel business to through the podcast) or you’re an artist/activist looking to create art or have impact.

Photo by Doğukan Şahin on Unsplash

If you’re approaching podcasting from a content marketing perspective:

Understand that in order for your podcast to work, you must put money behind it (in the form of paid social) and you must ensure that your episodes are not clearly content marketing.

You’re a business so I’ll assume you already understand what paid social is, but you may not be clear on how to create content marketing…

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