Some of you know, others don’t, that I teach my students to monetize through the sale of high-ticket online courses. Anyone who follows me on Clubhouse, and who has heard me speaking on the platform (tri-daily, for the last 3-weeks or so), knows that I don’t have the greatest outlook on revenue generation through advertisements or through elective donation means (Patreon/Supercast). I’d like to clarify how I feel about these approaches now.

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The Niche vs. The CPM

“The riches are in the niches! You’ve got to niche down! Know your avatar!

Niche is a nicer word than “discriminate”, but niching is intrinsically related to sales…

All you need is a 3.5mm TRRS to Lightning Connector cable. That’s it. Plug one end into the iPhone, plug the other into the back of the Rodecaster Pro.

Done. No iRig, no extra cables, just a 3.5mm TRRS to Lighting. Anker makes one for $30. It looks like this:

In a recent Twitter row, which has served to vindicate my decision to leave the platform for it being both a terrible place for nuanced conversation and a dumpster fire of shrieking idiots, there was an argument between some “podcasting brass” (who are not, themselves, shrieking idiots — just to make that clear at the outset) about whether or not podcasting, as claimed by Eric Nuzum and reported in of James Cridland’s Podnews, is actually 20-years old.

Before I talk about this objectively, I’ll say that I believe podcasting IS 20-years old. But I’m a consequentialist and you may not be.

I prioritize outcomes over processes — I care about processes, but they aren’t my primary focus; that’s a characteristic of…

Two weeks now on Clubhouse and I would be willing to bet that I’ve helped more people, more immediately, and with greater ease, than I did in my first year of blogging here on Medium. If you’re a user, please find me on the platform under

Hosting Platforms

I’m a big fan of Simplecast, find them at

I’m a fan also of Captivate and Transistor. Find them at and respectively.

All hosting platforms serve the same function, and, for the most part, they all serve that function equally well: host and server your mp3 files to listeners.


First, I don’t recommend doing this. Your website hosting service is probably “shared hosting” which offers “unlimited bandwidth” but that’s not really true. There’s definitely a bandwidth limit, it’s just so high that the website hosting company (GoDaddy, HostGator, Square Space, et cetera) assumes your tiny website won’t ever come anywhere near to it. They think that because you’re serving text and images to visitors, not heavy media files like video and audio. An entire webpage might weigh 4MB, so it doesn’t take up a lot of bandwidth to “serve it” to a visitor. …

I’ve been uncharacteristically silent for the last few weeks — the last two months really — and I think it’s about time I show you why.

The greatest expression of my value is in teaching what I know — and what I know is podcasting.

I know production, I know post-production, I know marketing, and I know how to use podcasts to generate day-job-quitting revenue without selling Patreon memberships and without ad insertion.

I know exactly zero people who have figured out how to do this repeatedly and consistently, so I decided, in July 2019, that I would transition my studio business into an consultancy and that I would stop engineering and start teaching others how to do what…

I’m known to say, frequently, and to the chagrin of some podcasters, that you should think about your podcast as a business. Many independent, more artistic-type podcasters do not like that advice. I get it, some people have a complicated relationship with money and this advice relates directly to money so, again, I get it. Still, if you are one of these types of podcasters, consider continuing on, I feel that you’ll benefit from what I present in this article.

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For most podcasters, the dream is to make a full-time living off of their podcast.

Regardless of how they might imagine they get there (and as a revenue consultant I’ve got plenty to say on…

No, not the abominable one, this one — the one on the left:

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The Yeti is a super popular USB microphone, I might say the most popular USB microphone to date, and has been since its inception more than 10-years ago.

It looks good, it’s affordable, it’s USB (which saves you a bunch on additional gear), and it’s got pretty good construction as far as its working parts are concerned. Objectively it is a good microphone for the ~$150 price tag it starts at.

In spite of that, almost all Podcast/Audio Engineers hate them and condescend to them (and those…

I’ll use the abbreviations PAAP and PAAG throughout this article; respectively: Podcast as a Product vs. Podcast as a Gateway. Let’s start by defining those terms, which I’m pretty sure I just invented.

PAAP: If the podcast is the product it means you’re selling your audience to advertisers or you’re selling “up leveled” versions of your podcast (extra episodes, behind the scenes stuff) and probably some one-time swag items (t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc).

PAAG: If the podcast is a gateway, it means you’re not selling anything. …

I reached out to the creators of ReMasterMedia because I saw an opportunity to partner up on addressing a misconception in the podcasting space; and that misconception is: There exists, somewhere out there in the podsphere, a magic tool that will make your bad audio sound amazing. That tool doesn’t exist, but ReMasterMedia has made something that deserves some serious attention.

Currently this tool is available on AppSumo for just $59 for a lifetime license. This is why you should care:

  1. It’s usually ~$1,920
  2. There’s a VST plugin planned and if you’re a licensed user NOW, you’re going to get that plugin either for free LATER or at a seriously reduced price.

Learn more about ReMasterMedia by visiting and by listening to the latest episode of Help the Podcast.

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